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About us

Wavebytes is an ambitious young start-up with a versatile team. We combine the best of technology and business profiles, to ensure the growth of your company in the new, technology driven world. Our vision is to create innovative solutions unique to our client’s needs, using the latest technologies in a user-friendly and long-lasting way.

Next to offering made-to-measure web solutions, we also consult businesses that feel the need to improve their current IT-structure, or wish to implement a new one. By working closely together with our clients, we can create the best possible solution for your business.

If you are looking to employ the latest digital solutions to drive your business forward, we are your partner.

About Us

Our service

WaveBytes offers IT-solutions in 3 domains:

Cloud based Software
Cloud based software

At WaveBytes, we believe in the transformative power of a cloud platform. Our power to build an innovative, convenient and customized platform describes best the assets of our Professional Application Building Service.


Organizations appeal to outsourcing services because of multiple aspects. Typical reasons are resource issues, the cost, lack of in-house expertise or the durations of the projects. Wavebytes can provide a specialized Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) team that allows you to offload a diverse range of tasks. When working with Wavebytes outsourcing service(s), you hire a professional but you get a team worth of knowledge.


We heavily invest in retaining the best talents and understanding the latest technologies. Therefore, we are able to help you transform your digital dreams into reality. We will assist you in transforming your business, by building a solution from scratch or offering a helping hand in your own initiatives.

Cloud based software

Building & Coding

We build your cloud platform from scratch. Before we start the project, we will sit together with your business to understand what your business is about and where you want to take your business online. In close collaboration, we will build an online platform around your core business.

To ensure that your platform is really as you envision it. Our programmers write code based on your requirements, that is both flexible and easy to maintain on our platform. No business requirement is out of reach. We are able to program in different languages.

Optimization & Security

Getting the most out of your cloud platform is our priority. We will build the platform of your dreams. Not only when it comes to coding the platform, also the look and feel of the platform.

We heavily invest in new technologies to keep your data secure. We will help you setting up, defining and implementing your personal security thread model.

Big data

There has never been a higher availability of information than is the case today. We will help you to discover which information is critical to growing your business and we will help you to gather it in a clear way. Using big data will transform your business by getting a bigger picture of your consumers. This information will enable you to bring customer profiling and targeting to a higher level.


Domain names

Let us register yours today to make the best out of your online presence. It all starts with a good name.

Webdesign & Webhosting & E-shop

When you are looking to increase your presence on the internet with a website, looking for a user-friendly webshop or even an mobile application, we will make it happen.

Wavebytes can help you make sure you get the best out of your online presence by hosting and optimizing your websites or applications.

Next to creating the perfect representation of your company online, we can help you to enlarge your sales field. We use Magento to build your dreamstore, where literally everything is possible. We will help you to set up the platform and give you the right tools to duplicate your in-store success online.

Content & SEO & Strategy

Our job is not finished the moment your website goes online. While having a beautiful and user-friendly platform is a good reflection of your business, it is not sufficient to keep attracting clients. Together we can build a content marketing strategy to get the most out of your website. This by understanding your business’ mission, target audience, goals and objectives.

We also offer help in growing your business online. We are specialized in search engine optimization, making your website the number one online.

Ready to take the next step in your online presence? Starting your own social media strategy? Whether that will be on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat or any other social media platform you can think of, our business side will help you to make a success out of your social presence.


Cloud programming

The companies of the future will be marked by their investments in understanding the power of technology. Let our consultants help you to make the best out of SaaS, PaaS and Iaas. We will not only provide your company with the right tools, but also with a fitting architecture, infrastructure knowledge and attention to the security of your solution.


We focus on large projects that are essential for the growth of your company, but where most IT-departments are not equipped for to deal with on their own. We help you to lay out the structure and tackle all challenges together with your team. Next to this, we find new ways to optimize your existing technologies already present in the company, and increase its performance.

Web development

Our passions are companies and IT. Wherever we can assist companies in their technologic endeavors, we are the one to call.

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We work in close collaboration with our clients, this to ensure the best possible result. While ensuring the highest quality for our clients, we also strive to do this at the most competitive prices. Your success is what we work for.

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